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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <module>* action=protect *
  Change the protection level of a page

This module requires read rights
This module requires write rights
This module only accepts POST requests
  title          - Title of the page you want to (un)protect
                   This parameter is required
  token          - A protect token previously retrieved through prop=info
  protections    - Pipe-separated list of protection levels, formatted action=group (e.g. edit=sysop)
                   This parameter is required
  expiry         - Expiry timestamps. If only one timestamp is set, it'll be used for all protections.
                   Use 'infinite', 'indefinite' or 'never', for a neverexpiring protection.
                   Default: infinite
  reason         - Reason for (un)protecting (optional)
  cascade        - Enable cascading protection (i.e. protect pages included in this page)
                   Ignored if not all protection levels are 'sysop' or 'protect'
  watch          - DEPRECATED! If set, add the page being (un)protected to your watchlist
  watchlist      - Unconditionally add or remove the page from your watchlist, use preferences or do not change watch
                   One value: watch, unwatch, preferences, nochange
                   Default: preferences