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    <module>* meta=siteinfo (si) *
  Return general information about the site

This module requires read rights
  siprop         - Which sysinfo properties to get:
                    general               - Overall system information
                    namespaces            - List of registered namespaces and their canonical names
                    namespacealiases      - List of registered namespace aliases
                    specialpagealiases    - List of special page aliases
                    magicwords            - List of magic words and their aliases
                    statistics            - Returns site statistics
                    interwikimap          - Returns interwiki map (optionally filtered)
                    dbrepllag             - Returns database server with the highest replication lag
                    usergroups            - Returns user groups and the associated permissions
                    extensions            - Returns extensions installed on the wiki
                    fileextensions        - Returns list of file extensions allowed to be uploaded
                    rightsinfo            - Returns wiki rights (license) information if available
                    languages             - Returns a list of languages MediaWiki supports
                   Values (separate with '|'): general, namespaces, namespacealiases, specialpagealiases, magicwords, interwikimap, dbrepllag, statistics, usergroups, extensions, fileextensions, rightsinfo, languages
                   Default: general
  sifilteriw     - Return only local or only nonlocal entries of the interwiki map
                   One value: local, !local
  sishowalldb    - List all database servers, not just the one lagging the most
  sinumberingroup - Lists the number of users in user groups